ES File Explorer APK V3.01 Download For Android (2019)

Ex File Explorer is a great tool for managing the files. There are many file explorers available in the android but Es file explore has the best options. The interface of this explore is smooth and stands out in its own. All the files have their own native client for management of the remote folders but the important thing is to have a single tool that can offer universal access to the information. The ES explorer does multipurpose functions that are beneficial for the android phone.

Download Es File Explorer APK V4.0.1 For Android 2019

ES file explorer pro apk

The pro version of the Es file explorer is a must have for any android phone. You can enjoy all the features this app has to offer.

    This app removes the unwanted apps in the phone so you don’t have to worry about the apps disturbing your peace.

    There are more things to customize the phone and this you can do in your phone with the help of the app.

    There are a new theme and color in this app, therefore, more room for creativity.

    There are lots of new features which the app offers for free. 

The highlights of the file explorer app

    In this app, you can check the zipped files and install the applications.

    You can click to play music and videos through this app. There will be various documents and files saved in this app.

    There is a cloud feature in this app like it supports the DropBox, one drive, Amazon S3, Clouds platform etc.

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Features Of Es File Explorer

    You can manage the files in the same way you do on the desktop. Copy, paste, move and delete through the help of this app. All the functions can be performed in this app even in the remote PC.

    With the aid of the applications manager, you can uninstall and backup and also create shortcuts in the phone.

    There is an option called the remote file manager and when this option is enabled it will help you to manage the files.

    There is a feature of built-in ZIP and RAR that allows you to compress and decompress the files on your phone. You will be able to create encrypted files.

    There are text viewers and editors.

    You can kill the tasks with a single click, increase the memory and speed through this app.

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How to access the cloud accounts?

    You have to open the left menu and select the best network. When you go inside that you can see the cloud option.

    If you want to add the online accounts you have to click the button on the left side of the lower screen. Here is the list of the compatible services. Baidu netdisk, Mediafire, DropBox, OneDrive etc. Then login to the account and interact with the files available there.

These are some of the functions and operations that can be done with the help of the ES file explorer app. It has got many functions but they are easy to perform.

Therefore use this app to explore the files on your android.

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