One Click Rooting Apps For Android 2019

Root master
Root master

Rooting apps have many benefits. By rooting apps Android users can modify and customize the mobile apps, thousands of new apps can be installed in the android phone. Rooting apps enhances the overall performance of the android phone.

To use the most out of your rooted android device there are many root apps. Many users face complications to root the device but these one click root apps make rooting very easier. The following are the best one click root apps for Android 2019.

Best One Click Rooting Apps For Android 2019


To install apk files on the device rooting is very indispensable. But there are many rooting apps available for online the user can download and install these apps. King Root is the best to root your device because kingoroot is one of the well-known rooting apps available on the internet. King Root is one of the prominent clicks once root apps which have reached over 500 million downloads. King root provide your Android device a long-lasting battery life you can also backup files using kings root app. as kingoroot is known as the one click root apps it is very easy to use. Many users find it very easy to download and install the kingoroot app. it is a quick way to root the device. The users do not need pc to root it can be directly rooted through Android devices.

When kingoroot apk is installed on the android device it is easy to root it, with the help of this the user can download many videos and he can also delete the unwanted apps in the system.

How to install kingoroot

  1. There are many links available on the internet to download kingoroot, so when clicking on any link a message will pop up click yes
  2. When the download is completed click the install button.
  3. Then your device will show that installation of this app is blocked so go to the phone setting enable installation from unknown source after this you can install the king root app.
  4. After the installations now click on try king root
  5. After clicking the try it button it will be redirected to the get option after clicking on that the kingoroot app is successfully installed

Features of kingoroot

Better restore and backup of files

  • It helps to enhance the performance of the device
  • Gives long-lasting battery life
  • This can block unnecessary ads from applications
  • It provides freedom to fully modify the device
  • It is absolutely free to download and install kingoroot
  • As it is clicked once rooting app it is very easy to use


  • Towel root

Towel root
Towel root

Towel root is one of the highly rated one click root apps for Android devices. It also helps to root other devices which can be done with the help of other apps. It is very much similar to ping pong root app.

Installation of towel root

  1. There are many links on the internet to download Towelroot apk click on the download link
  2. After clicking on the link, now click on the lambda symbol
  3. After clicking on that automatically the apk starts loading
  4. Now after this click on the downloaded file to run it and it will be installed on you towel root

Advantages of using towel root

  1. A towel is direct and easy to use as it is a one-click root app
  2. Towel root is free of cost. Users can install and download it for free
  3. By using Towelroot you can root the latest updates of android devices
  4. One of the best advantages of using Towelroot is it will reboot the android device to root
  5. By the help of Towelroot, the user can modify the ROM to completely change the design of your Android device.
  6. It helps to extend the battery life and the device can perform many tasks.

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  • FramaRoot


FramaRoot is another famous one-click rooting app for Android devices. It is very easy to operate FramaRoot its procedures are not very frantic. Many rooting apps needs to be rooted by pc but FramaRoot does not need any pc it can be directly rooted without pc

Merits of FramaRoot

  1. Framaroot is free of cost users can download and install it for free.
  2. Framaroot not only roots your device one click but also uproots your android device in a click.
  3. Framaroot has some complexities which are because of many versions and models of Android devices


  • Root Master

Root master
Root master

Root master is the top class rooting app for Android devices. Is very simple to use root master

Advantages of root master

  1. Root master is only designed for Android device users.
  2. It enhances the working speed of the phone, lifts up the memory and storage and also automatically backups files


Baidu root
Baidu root

Baidu root apps are available in many versions especially English version. It is also one of the best recommended one click root apps by users.

Benefits of Baidu root

  1. It enhances and boosts up the speed of the users android device
  2. Baidu root helps to enlarge the storage capacity by deleting cache and cookies.
  3. It allows the user to eliminate unnecessary system applications increases the storage
  4. Baidu root protects your device from threats, unauthorized websites and malicious hardware



The user need not have any technical skills to operate root in the android phone by just clicking on the root option it can be rooted. It is a very simple way to root android device

Advantages of iroot

  1. Iroot is a genuine rooter app. it is very safe your android devices through iroot.
  2. Iroot mostly supports many Android versions operating system


  • Universal Androot

Universal Androot app
Universal Androot app

Installing androot is very easy. Check the phone settings to install androot the user has to enable download from unknown sources then the user can easily download and install this app.

The above apps are the best top rated rooter apps these apps mostly enhances your devices battery life, increases and boosts up the system deletes an unwanted file and creates more space. These rooter apps are very helpful to android users to modify and alter their android devices. Many of these one-click rooter apps are very easy to use.  These apps are highly recommended by its users

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